Tuesday, 29 March 2011


So i came across this picture of the singer Boa and she even looks fierce in this picture, i love her style, she can wear anything and rock it, she has had sooo many looks lol, what she is wearing is pretty much my everyday get up with a t-shirt, jeggings/skinny jeans, boots (flats/heels) and the leather jacket or sometimes i would wear a blazer, lol i know it's boring :(. What drew me to this picture was her grey jeggings! i love them!! i have been looking ages for something like them, i can only ever seem to find plain ones, but praise the lord i just found them. Now i'm not really a Topshop person they never anything i like anymore, it's all the same but i decided to look on the website and i found something similar, their not quite the same but their the closest i can find. Their retailing for about£45 which is abit much for jeggings, if it was jeans fair enough but sadly i want them lol take a look


  1. Boa is super pretty, and very fashionable of course.

    Do get the leggings, you have been looking for them for so long. :)

    The Cat Hag

  2. noo not yet lol i like them but i'm thinking that maybe i could find more similar looking ones. ah yes she is indeed! lol love her <3