Thursday, 17 March 2011

2nd kpop post

so i thought i would say my fave kpop song "Because of you" by After School. this is a band that i think is soooooooooooooooooooooo underated its crazy! they have some amazing singers and dancers and their performances are always brilliant. Each single member has something different and their able to use their uniquness (is tht a word) and bring it together without anyone overshadowing anyone, and to be honest if you had Park Kahi in your group everyones eyes would be on her because she's just so passionate, beautiful and capitivating, but with After School each member shines out and they deserve alot more credit than their given! think it's pretty much safe to say that every single song of their's is good. my personal fave being "Because of you", the video is jus gaaah lol makes me so emotional especially when i see Uee! this was before Lizzy joined. oh and one more thing i kind of wish they would just stick with these 8 members and stop adding any tho i am excited for the new member but okay just leave it at 9 members please lol p.s Bekah is my fave lol look them up if you don't no much or ask me and i'll write more on them xx


  1. Hi Doll..

    First I just wanted to thank you for Subscribing to my blog.
    ( I just subscribe to yours :-)..

    After School bang is one of my favorite kpop group love there song bang...Even thoug after I wacth the original video I have to find someone on youtube singing it in english or have my friend translate..LOL

    well Alisha it was very nice blogging with you & be sur to keep in touch