Thursday, 17 March 2011

the first one

hello fellow earthlings this is alisha calling just wanted to say ooooh this is my 1st post (obviously) and im kinda excited to do this! i have never had a blog before and didn't have anywhere to put my random thoughts cept twitter ( (figured i would jus put that in there lol) soo welcome and i hope u guys enjoy my blog and i hope u follow :). this blog will involve everything to makeup, clothes, films, music, hair dye :| ( i dye my hair alot) and just some random things lol so as he says in cat in the hat "thing 2 will also like to be called thing A chocolate thundaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa or Ben :|. no that really has nothing to with anything to be honest i just really like the film (awkward) so yeaah pls follow get 2 no me im not all that bad lol and enjoy :) xx

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