Sunday, 11 November 2012

Fave Kpop Song of the month

okay so i posted about these girls before about a year ago when they debuted with the song dr feel good. they had about 2 songs after that then sort of dissapeared. well anyway their back and i love this song! it's different, its fresh, its loud, its pretty great. as a huge fan of them i guess i am being biased but check it out

what have i been up too?

well now i'm 22, working mostly doing agency work, yeah i still listen to kpop and life is still as dull to be honest. last time i posted on here was 2011 when i was 21. ah i feel so old now!


oh wow i haven't been on this for ages

Sunday, 29 May 2011

nice outfit!

I recently saw this picture of Miley Cyrus wearing this t-shirt and loved it. I'm really into artists and bands tshirts so this is a defo winner for me!  I like how she made it different by cutting off the sleeves and sides lol it makes it more rockish i think. Which one do you prefer?

Miley's version

You can purchase this top and many others from


Omg it's been ages since i blogged!!!! I've just been so busy working that i haven't had time to do anything :(. So many things i need to post! Will def either have a where you can get a outfit post or another makeup post up tomorrow!! lotsa love xx

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Fave song at the moment

Here is a new group called Rania with their song Dr Feel Good who just debuted. They worked with Teddy Riley who has worked with Michael Jackson, Rihanna, PCD and many more.They have caused quite some controversy for being too "sexual". who cares? their different! most girl groups are doing that cute thing whereas these girls just came out fierce! and blimey their all beautiful, can sing, dance and are great live. usually in groups some members have amazing voices and the rest are ok but these girls have got it all! I'm excited to see how they do! Oh and their is a english version of this which is equally good!

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Everyday Look inspired by Nina Dobrev

Apply a medium brown eyeshadow onto eyelid and crease
Apply a dark brown towards the end of the lid
Apply a thin line of eye pencil to your lid getting as close to your lashes as possible      
Next apply the same medium brown under your waterline towards the outer corner
Few coats of mascara to dramatize the bottom and upper lashes, add falsies if you wish

Add bronzer to contour the face
Apply a peach blush

a natural peach lipgloss

Monday, 4 April 2011

Celeb Inspired Look - daytime look

So this another picture from girl grup t-ara, it has the same concept yet just looks a bit more toned down and more suitable for daywear, this is pretty much my everyday look except i substitute the black for the brown but it can work both ways. She is also wearing eyeliner at the bottom which is optional but  i choose not to do it.


Apply your regular foundation and concealer


Apply gold eyeshadow to your upper lid and inner corner of your eyes, take the eyeshadow halfway across under your lashline. I use Half-Baked by Urban Decay

Apply a black or brown into the crease and blend it out, remember black takes alot of blending because you don't want it too look to harsh. For the brown i use the colour Buck by Urban Decay

Apply eyeliner to your lid, creating a small wing. I use Etude House Gel Liner


Apply a bronzer for countouring and some pink blush to the apples of your cheeks. I use Blush and Bronze duo by ELF


Apply a pink nude lipstick to your lips. I normally use either Please Me by Mac or Mauve It Over by Revlon


Apply Falsies
Apply Lipgloss to the centre of your lips

Celeb Inspired Look - dramatic look

The look i have chosen is from a korean girl group T-ara, It was used for their single 'I go crazy because of you' (check it out on youtube), it's quite a dark smokey eye with nude pink lips and little blush. it's also very easy to do.


Apply your regular foundation and concealer

 Apply a black eyeshadow on the whole lid and extend it out to make a wing. blend the wing as so it doesn't look too harsh but still keeping the wing shape

Apply a gold eyeshadow into the crease and bring in towards the corner of your eye and taking it halfway under your lashline.
Apply black eyeliner to the top lid (gel/pencil/liquid)
Apply black pencil to you waterline and at the end of your eye  just smudge it out
Apply your mascara to your top and bottom lashes and also some falsies


Apply a dolly pink blushes but remember not to put too much on, it has to be sublte


Apply a nude pink lipstick :)                         

Sunday, 3 April 2011

3rd April

Just wanted 2 say Happy Birthday to my sister Aisha <3 you don't look a day over 27! well i guess u are a day now xD blimey u are growing up fast and that means being no more a love me child! lol a mummys child! must stand on ur own woman! face the world with ur love for coral lipsticks! be brave dear! the road will be tough but u can do it!  haha wierdo! xxxxx
haha remember when you used to look like this? lol
Lol it's alrite u look pretty decent now :)