Tuesday, 29 March 2011


So i came across this picture of the singer Boa and she even looks fierce in this picture, i love her style, she can wear anything and rock it, she has had sooo many looks lol, what she is wearing is pretty much my everyday get up with a t-shirt, jeggings/skinny jeans, boots (flats/heels) and the leather jacket or sometimes i would wear a blazer, lol i know it's boring :(. What drew me to this picture was her grey jeggings! i love them!! i have been looking ages for something like them, i can only ever seem to find plain ones, but praise the lord i just found them. Now i'm not really a Topshop person they never anything i like anymore, it's all the same but i decided to look on the website and i found something similar, their not quite the same but their the closest i can find. Their retailing for about£45 which is abit much for jeggings, if it was jeans fair enough but sadly i want them lol take a look

Bieber Fever

As a 21 year old i know its wierd to like Justin Bieber but i can't help it lol who doesn't love doing the Baby dance? you know u do... anyway so i went to his premiere for his movie Never Say Never 3D (yes i watched and i liked! lol in a non creepy way) and i realised i had to post a video of it! I have never been so scared in my life!!!!! Bieber fans are crazy! i felt like i was the only sane one! it's like they would have died for him! it was just scary lol and omg the screams! aah but i was screaming alot too that my voice went! good times <3

Monday, 28 March 2011

Hot Pink Lips

So i really wanted to try this whole hot pink lips out as i thought it just looks gah amazing lol so i searched ALOT on the best hot pink lipsticks, i watched a gazillion videos and i decided on a few. I didn't wanna get anything to expensive so i figured a drugstore lipstick would be perfect ( It was really hard not 2 go 2 mac! i have a collection of their lipsticks! i'm just a sucka for them) So i went through all the stands from Revlon to loreal to collection 2000 to maybelline and so on, literally i had soooo many lipsticks marks on my hand i was getting the weirdest looks also probably because i was literally in superdrugs for like half and hour just going up and down. so finally i settled on 2 which i liked the best, the first one being Shocking Pink by Rimmel London and the 2nd being Wild Orchid by Revlon, i really couldn't decide so i just bought both, I tried the Shocking Pink last night and omg i loved it! I had it on for ageeeeeees and it didn't smudge off or anything at all which is a complete shocker for me! it felt nice, it looked good (well i hope) i reccomend it. I havent tried the Wild Orchid yet but i'm not sure if i want too as i feel like i already have found the perfect pink..do i really need another one? So i'm not sure about that and i will you keep you posted! Let me know what you think p.s i look like a total idiot in this picture i don't know what I'm doing. I'm gonna go out in this look in the daytime to see what it's like and will def post pics!

Sadly I don't have the biggest lips in the world :(

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Pretty Little Liars

So i just finished watchin the season finale of Pretty Little Liars and i need 2 vent! lol its such an amazing showww but i need anwsers!!!! garret and jenna???? where has ian goneeeeeee? and oooh was it noel that pushed him cos it sure did look like him! i hope shay mitchell's character Emily doesn't end up moving, of course something is going to stop that lol "A". So in the books we know its Maya and then i think her name was Courtney i can't remember the twin lol so are they going to follow that or make it completely different? They have been showing alot of maya recently, and yaaay Caleb's back XD his good. Troian aka Spencer was just brilliant in this finale and majority of the series, i really started off not likin her but she has really grown on me. Ashley Benson aka Hanna is my fave but lately all she does is pout, cry or look moody lol, I have to say i think Shay Mitchell aka Emily is just stunning! has no one else noticed this? Lucy Hale aka Aria started off as a strong character but she just looks bored. god knows why when your constantly with Ezra Fitz (hawt). Their all good and i can't imagine other people playing their roles now, that would be wierd! But anyway i can't wait for the next season and hopfully get some anwsers!

Thursday, 17 March 2011

2nd kpop post

so i thought i would say my fave kpop song "Because of you" by After School. this is a band that i think is soooooooooooooooooooooo underated its crazy! they have some amazing singers and dancers and their performances are always brilliant. Each single member has something different and their able to use their uniquness (is tht a word) and bring it together without anyone overshadowing anyone, and to be honest if you had Park Kahi in your group everyones eyes would be on her because she's just so passionate, beautiful and capitivating, but with After School each member shines out and they deserve alot more credit than their given! think it's pretty much safe to say that every single song of their's is good. my personal fave being "Because of you", the video is jus gaaah lol makes me so emotional especially when i see Uee! this was before Lizzy joined. oh and one more thing i kind of wish they would just stick with these 8 members and stop adding any tho i am excited for the new member but okay just leave it at 9 members please lol p.s Bekah is my fave lol look them up if you don't no much or ask me and i'll write more on them xx

the first one

hello fellow earthlings this is alisha calling just wanted to say ooooh this is my 1st post (obviously) and im kinda excited to do this! i have never had a blog before and didn't have anywhere to put my random thoughts cept twitter (www.twitter.com/alishamalik26) (figured i would jus put that in there lol) soo welcome and i hope u guys enjoy my blog and i hope u follow :). this blog will involve everything to makeup, clothes, films, music, hair dye :| ( i dye my hair alot) and just some random things lol so as he says in cat in the hat "thing 2 will also like to be called thing A chocolate thundaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa or Ben :|. no that really has nothing to with anything to be honest i just really like the film (awkward) so yeaah pls follow get 2 no me im not all that bad lol and enjoy :) xx