Monday, 28 March 2011

Hot Pink Lips

So i really wanted to try this whole hot pink lips out as i thought it just looks gah amazing lol so i searched ALOT on the best hot pink lipsticks, i watched a gazillion videos and i decided on a few. I didn't wanna get anything to expensive so i figured a drugstore lipstick would be perfect ( It was really hard not 2 go 2 mac! i have a collection of their lipsticks! i'm just a sucka for them) So i went through all the stands from Revlon to loreal to collection 2000 to maybelline and so on, literally i had soooo many lipsticks marks on my hand i was getting the weirdest looks also probably because i was literally in superdrugs for like half and hour just going up and down. so finally i settled on 2 which i liked the best, the first one being Shocking Pink by Rimmel London and the 2nd being Wild Orchid by Revlon, i really couldn't decide so i just bought both, I tried the Shocking Pink last night and omg i loved it! I had it on for ageeeeeees and it didn't smudge off or anything at all which is a complete shocker for me! it felt nice, it looked good (well i hope) i reccomend it. I havent tried the Wild Orchid yet but i'm not sure if i want too as i feel like i already have found the perfect i really need another one? So i'm not sure about that and i will you keep you posted! Let me know what you think p.s i look like a total idiot in this picture i don't know what I'm doing. I'm gonna go out in this look in the daytime to see what it's like and will def post pics!

Sadly I don't have the biggest lips in the world :(


  1. looks fab i love hot pink colours especially as summer approaches!

  2. I didnt know Rimmel have Pink packaging....
    but that pink is heaven~~~so pretty

    im gonna go chck it out tmr when i go shopping~~~

    BTw thx for following me, i follow u back hun~~~

  3. Cute Blog :-)
    Thanks for following babe!

  4. Finding the perfect shade of pink is not easy. but i love your shade pick. it works for you.

  5. doesnt matter if you dont have biggest lips your lips are lovely!!!! cute blog im your new follower do check out mine too :)