Monday, 4 April 2011

Celeb Inspired Look - dramatic look

The look i have chosen is from a korean girl group T-ara, It was used for their single 'I go crazy because of you' (check it out on youtube), it's quite a dark smokey eye with nude pink lips and little blush. it's also very easy to do.


Apply your regular foundation and concealer

 Apply a black eyeshadow on the whole lid and extend it out to make a wing. blend the wing as so it doesn't look too harsh but still keeping the wing shape

Apply a gold eyeshadow into the crease and bring in towards the corner of your eye and taking it halfway under your lashline.
Apply black eyeliner to the top lid (gel/pencil/liquid)
Apply black pencil to you waterline and at the end of your eye  just smudge it out
Apply your mascara to your top and bottom lashes and also some falsies


Apply a dolly pink blushes but remember not to put too much on, it has to be sublte


Apply a nude pink lipstick :)                         

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  1. Love this edgy look the model has going on,better belive I will be copying this look :-)