Friday, 1 April 2011


pretending i'm in a loreal commercial!
So i have 5 minutes to do my makeup for a night out, which is awful because it normally takes me a hour on a normal day let alone for a night out! so with these 5 minutes i have to do the most basic easiest makeup i can think off..and here it is..


Mac studio sculpt foundation in NW25
Mac studio finish concealer in NW25
Elf Blush and Bronzer Duo

Eyes: Naked Palette

Half Baked all over the lid and inner corner
Creep in the crease and blend blend blend
Small amount of dark horse in the crease blend blend blend
Black eyeliner pencil on top and bottom lid
Little bit of more Creep in the crease and just two motion wipes because we want to be able to see the black
Gel liner over the eye pencil on top and bottom lids
Apply your favourite mascara! I used Etude House Mascara
i have a curl on my forehead lol


Apply a nice pink watermelon colour! I used Watermelon Lipgloss by Etude House

And there you have it! x

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